3 Forgettable Items you’ll need in your Backpack

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Lately I’ve been seeing many “College Backpack Essentials” on college blogs. While most are helpful, they miss a few forgettable items that are so useful. For this reason, I have created this list. While you might not be surprised at some of the items, the reasons why you’ll need them will definitely peak your interest!

1. An umbrella

While this item isn’t exactly that forgettable, whenever it rains you’ll probably forget an umbrella. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been caught in a downpour while trying to get across campus! This is why I now keep an umbrella in my backpack AT ALL TIMES.

Considering that you most likely won’t have much space in your bag anyway, get a small one. The size doesn’t matter as long as it will keep you from getting wet. The best place to keep said umbrella is in one of your backpacks cup holders (you know, those pockets on the side).

2. Tissues

While you won’t be sick for the whole year, tissues MUST have a place in our backpack. Not only do they serve your nose when it’s runny but they also serve as napkins, which are sometimes hard to come by.

They are especially handy for whenever you hear a person sniffling in class and you want them to stop ;).

3. Sunglasses

While all of you reading this probably don’t go to college in Florida like I do, these are still a must have. Think about those nights where you stayed out a little too late or drank a little too much. Make up can only go so far! You’ll need sunglasses to shield you from all of the judgment and sun rays out to ruin your already terrible day.

Even if you don’t party that often, stash a pair in your backpack to protect your eyes from the sun. Just make sure you take them off when your inside so that you won’t offend any professors.

Thanks for reading! What are some of your backpack essentials?

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