3 Podcasts to keep you from Becoming Ignorant

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I have seen many people my age eschew the news simply because they find it to be depressing. While the news is indeed depressing, it is also important for you not to become ignorant. Now, I’m not advocating for you to become an expert on world politics, I am simply asking that you know and acknowledge what is going on in the world. Keeping up with the news isn’t even that difficult, you don’t even have to read the news if you don’t want to. I find that a short podcast keeps me updated with what going on in the world. So here are 3 podcasts that will keep you from becoming ignorant.

1. The Daily

This podcast, produced by the New York Times, is great for those of you who have a bunch of NYT articles saved on Facebook that you’ll probably never read. What I love about this podcast, is that they do podcasts on both the daily news and deep dive into the experiences of different people. One of my favorite recent episodes on this podcast was of a family divided by the Korean War. It’s called “A Family Divided by the Korean War” you should definitely give it a listen. You can find the podcast here.

2. Today Explained

This podcast is produced by Vox. It’s a newer podcast,though it is just as effective at keeping you away from ignorance. What I like about this podcast is its host Sean Rameswaram makes the news quite interesting. This podcast can be serious when appropriate, but is not as serious as first one mentioned. I love how the podcast covers news that is both cultural and political. One of the most interesting episodes to me was a recent one on kids vaping in school, which of course I had no idea was a thing kids did nowadays. You can find the podcast here.

3. Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness

While this is podcast is not as politically oriented as the two mentioned above, it is just as great. This podcast does a great job of covering topics that most people truly know nothing about. Not to mention its host Jonathan Van Ness makes learning about these complex topics easier thanks to his great personality. Just in case you were wondering, yes it is Jonathan from Queer Eye. One of my favorite episodes is when he interviewed his fellow cast member of Queer Eye, Antoni Porowski. This episode was packed with tons of eye opening aspects about American life from the eyes of someone who wasn’t raised here. You can find episodes of this podcast here.

I know there are tons of other great podcasts out here as well. I am always looking for more so let me know which ones you enjoy!

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