3 ways to make Online Classes Easier

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At some point in your college career you’ll have to take an online course. Whether its during a summer while you’re at home or when you have to take a few final credits in order to graduate, online classes are inevitable. While most online classes can be simple, you’ll find that finding the time and motivation to actually do your course work will be the most difficult thing about the class.

Compared to normal classes you’ll never actually step into an online class, which is both the best and worst part of taking these courses. By never physically going to class it is easy to forget all about the class among all the other things you have going on in your life at the moment. Thus making you frantically do all of your work last minute. This is what makes the particularly difficult, I mean how can you succeed in a class that’s so easy to forget about?

Considering that I’ve taken my fair share of online courses, today I’ll share a few tips that make them a bit easier.

1. Make time

The first thing you HAVE to do when taking an online class is to schedule out time to do it. At the beginning of the semester when you first get your syllabus write down all of the important dues dates in your planner and then plan to do your assignments around them.

As for coursework such as discussions and quizzes, make sure to set aside time each week to complete these tasks. This could be done anytime before it’s due such as a Tuesday morning or Saturday evening.

2. Meet with others taking the same class

Another way to make taking online classes easier is to meet with others taking the same class. If the class you’re taking is required for your major, then you’ll probably be able to ask around in your on campus classes whether or not someone is taking the course. If none of your current classmates are taking the course, ask around on your university’s Facebook pages, you’ll be bound to find at least one person taking the course.

Once you have found out who’s taking the class, make plans to meet up to do work and study together. This is especially helpful for difficult classes that require more effort from you to teach yourself.

This tip was one of my go to strategies for most of the online courses I’ve taken. I especially loved these meet ups because if I ever had a doubt about how something should be done, I could ask a classmate instead of waiting for an eamil reply from a professor or TA.

3. Complete your assignments ahead of time

If you know that you’ll be going on vacation sometime during the semester or that you have other classes that require more of you, then complete some of your assignments ahead of time. Most online classes have assignments open all semester, though if not asking your professor would do the trick.

This is actually the best feature of online classes. Taking advantage of it would benefit you in long run immensely by saving you time and stress later on.




What are some tips you have for taking an online course? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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