5 Basic College Outfits

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In college I have experienced the struggle of wanting to be comfortable and wanting to look put together. While there are days when comfort wins, most of the time I find a way to include both practicality and style into my outfit of the day.

Today, I’m writing to share how exactly I made these functional yet comfortable outfits and give you some examples, so that you can look put together too.

1. Comfy but Cute

This is one of my go to outfits for when I just want to be comfortable. I reserve this outfit for days when I’ll be trekking all around campus. This outfit can be achieved with basically any t-shirt and pair of leggings. Though, I included a light weight t-shirt with these soft leggings for maximum comfort.


The detailing on the chest area of my shirt adds a bit more style to the outfit. I also tied the shirt up mostly because it was really long and I have a short torso, though you could easily tuck the front of your t-shirt in for an even more stylish look.


Lastly, I paired this outfit with my Nike Roshe Runs. These are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, I highly recommended getting yourself a pair for college since you’ll be walking around a lot.  Pro Tip: Buy your sneakers in boys sizes to save money.

2. Heat Proof

I go to college in Florida which means heat and humidity most of the year. This has allowed me to come up with outfits that keep me cool, comfortable and somewhat stylish. While this next outfit is kind of basic, it is achievable. You’ll be able to put together this outfit with what you have in your closet right now.

I paired a light weight t-shirt, similar to the one in my previous look, with a basic black pair of shorts. During hot days, when the sun is relentless and the humidity is just as stubborn, I do end up sweating a little. For this reason I usually keep the colors on hot days darker, since dark colors don’t show as much sweat.

To top it off I paired this outfit with these black Birkenstock look a likes I have. These will leave you with an odd foot tan, though they are extremely comfortable and great for walking long distances.

3. A Rainy Day

Anyone who has ever lived in Florida knows, that during both spring and summer it rains quite often. This means that I have had to accommodate for more than a few rainy days. Though, staying stylish while accommodating for a torrential downpour can be difficult. For this reason, I have created the outfit below.

As you can see, I have paired these high-waisted jeans with a cropped graphic t-shirt. I wanted to keep things interesting so I made sure to wear a graphic t-shirt instead of a plain one to add a bit more color and character to the outfit. I opted for a cropped t-shirt as well to highlight my waist and to also keep this outfit a bit more trendy. I always go for jeans or long pants on a rainy day because I do not enjoy my legs getting wet, though if you don’t mind that feeling shorts would work with this outfit as well.

I finished off this outfit with these rain boots that are both stylish and functional. I love how they add a bit of sophistication to what is essentially a casual outfit.

4. Presentation Day

At some point in your college career you’ll have to present something. Whether it be a project, idea or assignment you’ll have to dress up for it. Depending on how important the project is, you might want to wear something a bit more formal than the outfit below. Though, for end of the semester presentations for classes you know don’t require formal wear, this outfit will work just fine.

I was actually fortunate enough to find this dress while thrifting a few weeks back. While it didn’t come with the belt, I decided to add one to accessorize and highlight my waist. I also love pairing black with light brown leather accessories. The color black in combination with the tiny white diamond dots make the outfit seem both playful and serious at the same time.

Finishing this outfit off, I chose to wear the black pointy flats to really distinguish this outfit as one that is more serious. These flats are comfortable and don’t have a heel, making them perfect for walking around campus.

5. The ” I’m Running Late”

Maybe you stayed up late last night studying or partying, whatever it was you woke up late and you don’t have time to pick out an outfit. Fortunately this outfit was made for these situations. In the next outfit, I have managed to combine comfort with style. I love these types of outfits so much that I wear them most of the time now.

The dress. I have found that t-shirt dresses in particular are both comfortable and stylish but also practical. I love that fact that I can just slip this on, add a pair of shoes and be ready for what the day has to offer. The simplicity and convenience of dresses is what really makes these the best thing to wear when your running late.

To finish off this simple outfit, I have paired these Birkenstock look a likes from a previous outfit. These sandals are simple to slip on and comfortable, making them the ultimate “I’m running late” pair of shoes.


I consider these outfits to be guidelines, meaning that you can easily recreate these looks with whatever you have in your closet. For this reason I didn’t include any link to the outfits, though if you want to know where something is from comment below and I’ll answer.

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