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5 Ways to Stay Calm This Exam Week

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It isn’t easy to stay calm during what seems like one of the most stressful situations life has to offer. In fact, I’m not even going to pretend like I have never been stressed during past exam weeks because I definitely have been. Though now instead of letting stress get the best of me, I combat the worst of it by doing these five things.

1. Realize that you won’t become a complete failure in life from receiving a bad grade.

This fact is something that you should remind yourself of throughout the year. Though during exam week especially, you need to remember that an exam grade cannot control your self esteem. Remind yourself that it is okay to be upset over imperfect performance on an exam. Though, it is not okay for it to make you feel like a failure.

During this week you have to be prepared for the worse case scenario. Become comfortable with it, since it could happen. Your worse case scenario, whether it be failing an exam or a class, should not make you feel terrible about yourself. Just remind yourself of all of your other great qualities you have. In fact make a list of all the things you’re great at and tape it onto your bathroom mirror, so you don’t forget.

If you’re  wondering how not to tie your self esteem to a grade, you can find out how to do so here.

2. Remember that you only have to get through a week.

While this week may seem like three, it isn’t. Remember that an exam week is just that, a week and not even a whole seven days but five week days that you can get through. Remind yourself that after these five hellish days come a much needed break where you can do absolutely nothing. During this week, while you’re day dreaming about all of the great things you could be doing rather than studying, write it down and actually plan to do them the following week. Having these trips or activities planned will not only make exam week less grueling, but make the following week even more exciting.

3. Spend some time doing your hobbies.

I know that whenever I am taking photos I am my happiest. This is why I make sure to use my camera during exams. While it may seem counter productive, doing the things you love is a form of self care. If you forget to take care of yourself this exam week, then how can you expect to do well? This is why you shouldn’t forget the hobbies that make you happy this exam week. Make sure you schedule in some time for those hobbies, since they can keep you from going completely insane.

4. Take a break with your best friends.

This tip may also seem counter productive, though taking the time to have a chat with a good friend can leave you feeling refreshed. Share all of your worries with your friend and listen to theirs. Sharing will help you get your anxieties off your chest while listening will help you realize that you’re not the only one dealing with stress. As time consuming as it may sound, try it out. You could even set a timer for just twenty minuets if you’re so worried about wasting time. However you do it, this exam week try talking it out with friends.

5. Laugh

You have to admit that a good laugh can make almost any problem seem trivial. Which is why it is imperative that you laugh during this exam week. Whether it is watching an episode of The Office or looking a memes on Instagram, laughing will take some of your stress away. With this tip, it is vital that you don’t get distracted from studying so set a timer or limit yourself to just one episode.

Thanks for reading, I hope you get through exams with your sanity intact!


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