Kitchen Gadgets you’ll need for your College Apartment

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Moving from a dorm to an apartment can seem daunting. Moving further away from where you first began living on your own often comes with more responsibilities that you might not have anticipated. Though, you chose to move with good reason. While living in a dorm offers convenience, they are tiny which is one of the main reasons you chose to live in an apartment.

Yet, living in an apartment means that you’ll be further away from campus and therefore you probably won’t have a meal plan anymore. This means that you’ll have to actually cook.

Picking out what you’ll really need in your apartment kitchen can be a hassle. Luckily for you, I have brought just about every kitchen gadget there is into my apartment and can tell you want you will definitely need.

A  Blender

When I was shopping for kitchen gadgets for my first college apartment, I didn’t really think I needed a blender. Sure I loved the occasional smoothie, though I didn’t believe that buying one was necessary. But as usual, I was wrong.

After living my own for not even two weeks I realized that many of the quick easy, recipes I wanted try involved a blender. Whether it was to make smoothies, soups or even salsas. As soon as I realized this I caved in and bought this blender. It’s not anything fancy, mostly because I was on a budget, but it does it’s job.

A Rice Cooker

Similar to the scenario mentioned above, I didn’t really want to buy a rice cooker. I thought that they took up too much space and that I wouldn’t really get much use out of it. Though after browsing on Amazon one evening, I saw that small rice cookers existed. They are cheap too, the one I bought works well and hasn’t let me down once.

After buying it, I realized how much time I had saved making meals. Instead of waiting around for rice to cook in the stove all I have to do is just put it in the rice cooker, wait fifteen minutes and that’s it. This one similar to the one I bought, should work just as well.


A Nonstick Pot and a Nonstick Pan

These two gadgets were probably the first two you thought that you might need. You were right, you can’t make anything without these two. You’ll need nonstick because most dishes cook well in these and considering that you won’t be able to store a variety of kitchen ware you need these to be extremely useful.

To save space you can buy both a small pan and pot, since you often will just be cooking for yourself. You can find these available just about anywhere. Don’t be afraid to buy these used at thrift stores, just make sure there aren’t many scratches on them.

Measuring Cups

When I think of measuring cups I think of baking. I knew that in college, I definitely wouldn’t be doing much baking, which is why I believed I didn’t need these. Though when trying out new recipes, they often ask for things in certain measurements, which is where these guys come in handy.

So if you plan on cooking new meals, buy yourself a set of measuring cups.  I suggest going to Home Goods or Marshalls to find these since they seem to be cheaper in stores than online. The cheap ones will suffice, so this kitchen gadget won’t cost you much.

A Can Opener

It seems like every easy meal involves some canned vegetable or legume. That being said, if you plan on making any sort of simple meal you will definitely need a can opener.

Unfortunately I bought a cheap one, which resulted in me often having to cut open the can with a knife. This is dangerous and you should put money into a reliable can opener so that you don’t end up hurting yourself. Here is one that I ended up buying after my first one let me down.

A Water Filter

Instead of buying gallons of water or water bottles, save plastic and just buy a water filter. I have a Brita water filter pitcher, though there are water filters that attach to your faucet. Though by having a Brita pitcher I am able to have cold water since I can put it in the fridge. During the summer months, cold water is almost a necessity.

The Brita filter I have wasn’t that expensive and allows me to use all of the cute water bottles I have.

A Coffee Maker

This is a staple that almost every college student needs. You’ll need this especially for exam week when you’re staying up late studying and waking up at an ungodly hour to take and exam.

I don’t drink much coffee, so I bought a french press instead of a whole machine. A french press makes just enough for one person and doesn’t take up much space. Though the only thing is you have to clean it constantly. If you drink coffee you’ll definitely need a machine. Small ones like this one exist, so you can save space.


Other things you’ll need include utensils such as forks, knives and a spatula. You will also need a kitchen towel to dry of your hands and dishes. Don’t forget oven mitts and a baking sheet to roast veggies and such. You can find these practically anywhere and they usually don’t cost much.


This list is simply a starter list, so you will probably have what you might need since everyone eats different things. Feel free to let me know what other items you think are college kitchen essentials.

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