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How to Choose a College Major

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Choosing a college major can be extremely difficult. There are so many possible majors and fields that you can go into. This in combination with all of the things you are interested in, can make choosing just one or two majors seem like one of the most difficult decisions of your life. Luckily I have compiled some great tips to get you started on your journey to finding the right college major.

1. Think of Your Strengths

This is most likely the obvious step, though it is the most important. While it may seem easy to evaluate your strengths, it isn’t. You might be thinking that because you were good at math in school, that maybe you should do something math related. Though you could be even better at say public speaking, yet you wouldn’t know if you haven’t tried it. This is why it is vital to try out as many activities as possible before choosing a college major. You should even try activities that you think you won’t be great at, since you could develop a passion for it.

2. Think of the Time and Difficulty

Before choosing a college major it is imperative that you think of how it will impact your life for the next four years. Think of the time commitment and whether or not you are willing to sacrifice free time for that major. Think of whether or not you’ll be able to handle that classes that major requires. For example, if you aren’t so great at writing though you decide on journalism, you probably won’t do well. This will result in you failing classes and essentially wasting money. So make sure to do your research and evaluate whether or not a certain college major is worth your time.

3. Determine the Potential

By this I mean, estimate the career potential a college major has to offer. While it is important to pursue your passions, it is also just as important to have a decent job after college. You can gauge the value of a college major by researching the amount of jobs available in it’s field. Also make sure to research whether or not the field you’re going into is depleting. For instance a degree in Nursing will offer many potential jobs due to the fact that we have an aging population in the country. While a degree in archaeology won’t be as fruitful, because there isn’t really a high demand for this skill.

4. Ask Around

This is definitely the most important tip on the list. In order to truly get an idea of what college majors have to offer, ask people who are currently pursuing it or have previously done it. This will give you a better idea of what a certain college major is like, since you’ll be able to get a better picture of what it will actually be like. While completing this task, make sure to ask of the experiences of many people, since some can have extremely skewed opinions about a college major. Also make sure to ask about what they have done since college or are going to do after, to a get a better picture of the true job potential.

Remember that even if you don’t choose the right major right away, you can always switch. Let me know what your major is in the comments below!

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