How to Consistently use your Planner

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If you’re reading this you’re probably the type of person who buys cute planners  every August and the stops using it by October. While the idea behind using a planner appeals to you because you want to be more organized, you have a hard time using them because frankly you’re just not used to planning.

In theory planning should be something simple. Every week you’re supposed to set some time aside to write what you want to accomplish and have to do that week. Yet you have trouble reminding yourself to do this. Or you just can’t find the will power to do it, you might even be tired of planning out every single week.

I’ve been there too. I have bought an stylish planner that I didn’t even use for half a semester.  For some reason I couldn’t be bothered to plan despite it clearly being beneficial to me. Though now, I can honestly say that I use a planner consistently, even when I’m not taking any classes.

So, here’s how I consistently use my planner.

I set a reminder

In order to get into the habit of writing in the planner, I made sure to set a reminder on my phone for me to plan out my week. I set the reminder for Sunday nights because by then I’ll know what I have to do the upcoming week.

Having this reminder set me on the right path because now, it’s not even necessary for me to have it on anymore.  Having this reminder on allowed me to develop the habit of writing in my planner every time I thought about something I needed to do.

I bought a planner that works for me

I’ve found that I am more likely to use a planner when I have a say in how its designed. For this reason I have a bullet journal with a minimal design for each week. I love the fact that I can make my journal look however I want, which in turn makes me want to come back each week to write in it.

Getting a journal that you find to be aesthetically pleasing, will help you stay consistent in using your planner. It’s just a matter of trial and error, so make sure that you try out as many types of planners as you possibly can.

I make sure to keep it simple

When writing in my planner I make sure to separate all of my tasks into things that I know that I can get done in on that particular day. For example instead of writing in that I need to write an English paper, I start off by panning time to outline it first. By making the tasks in my planner seem less overwhelming and time consuming, I actually do them therefore making my planner seem more useful.

Breaking down your tasks into smaller ones that you will actually do is also a great way to stop procrastination. By doing a little every day, you’ll have done the project or paper overtime instead of all at once.


Using you’re planner consistently is something that will be difficult to do at first, though once you get used to planning it’ll definitely be worthwhile.

Let me know what types of planners you have tried out in the comments below!



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