How to Live Without a Car in College

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With the costs of college always increasing and finding ways to cut back becoming more difficult, it often seems as though you no choice but spend a ton money. Though of course, there are always ways to save money in college only it might be a bit unconventional.

One of the things I’ve done to cut costs in college is living without a car. Having a car in college means buying one, if you don’t own one already, paying for car insurance and paying for gas each week. If your parents aren’t paying for all of this, it can be quite unaffordable. While living without a car might seem impossible, if you do it the right way you can save so much money.

Live close to all the important places

The first step to living without a car begins before you even get to college. When you’re considering where to live, make sure that it is within walking distance of a grocery store and a public transportation stop.

While you could get rides from friends every week to get groceries, there will be times where they are unavailable to take you grocery shopping. Therefore, it is best to live within walking distance of a grocery store, just in case.

As for getting to campus make sure you are close to a public transportation stop or even within walking distance of campus. You’ll need to make sure that getting to campus is easy for you otherwise you’ll be tempted to skip class since it’ll be such a hassle to get there.

Take public transportation

As mentioned in the previous tip, a factor that you should take into consideration before you pick a place to live is whether or not there is a bus stop near by. While taking public transportation isn’t the ideal option it is much cheaper than having a car. Having a bus stop near where you live will come in handy when you have to get to campus or anywhere else in town.

Fortunately in my college town public transportation is free for students. Though if it isn’t for you, there are often discounted rates for students. Even if you have to put some money towards a bus or train pass, it’ll save you from paying for all of the costs that come with owning a car.

Get a bike

Getting a bike is another great option for living without a car. On days when it isn’t too hot or cold outside, biking to campus or the store is a great option. This option especially comes in handy when you get tired of taking public transportation.

Buying a bike could get expensive, though you could always find someone selling a bike of your schools social media pages or on one of the many online market places. Bikes don’t cost that much in maintenance either.

If you aren’t a fan of bikes, you could even skateboard places if you’re comfortable with that. Either way it’ll be considerably cheaper than having a car.

Get a ride

While you will never be able to always rely on someone to give you a ride places, it is okay to ask sometimes. Getting a ride works especially great if you know that person is going the same place as you.

Usually roommates are the best candidates for rides. Though you should definitely  make sure that you know them well. Getting the person who gives you rides a little money for gas will work great as well.

How to live without a car in college

If you’re considering living without a car, its definitely worth the effort. Just make sure to think of your needs because in some cases owning a car would be more worthwhile.

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