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How to stay a Vegetarian While Having a Social Life in College

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As a vegetarian, it can sometimes be difficult for me to find things to eat while being social in college. Whether I am hanging out with friends or eating out, it seems as though everything I’m offered has meat in it.  While there are many vegetarian friendly snacks, meals and restaurants, most of my friends don’t seem to be that interested in them. As a result I have come up with a way to keep away from meat, whilst having a social life in college.

Know Which Restaurants are Vegetarian Friendly

Often times when you look up a restaurant, you can find its menu on its website or on Yelp. This is extremely helpful considering that you’ll be looking for vegetarian friendly options. Sometimes a restaurant will even have a whole vegetarian menu. These are the types of places that you want to keep in mind. Having a mental list of four or five restaurants that cater to your diet, will make eating out a whole lot simpler.

Bring your own Snacks

If you aren’t going out and are staying in for a movie or for an evening hangout, it is imperative that you bring your own snacks. While most snacks are vegetarian, it is vital that you take your own just in case. Snacks like microwave popcorn and frozen fruit are both small and simple snacks that you can carry with you to a friends house.

Go out for Dessert Instead

If for you have exhausted all of your vegetarian friendly restaurants, then suggest to your friends that you all go out for just dessert instead. Most ice cream, fro-yo and cookie places are vegetarian friendly anyways. This is my go to tactic for when I get tired of not really having vegetarian choices at other restaurants. This option is definitely the most fun out of all of them since you could even enjoy your treats on the go or have a photo shoot with them.

Eat Before you Leave

If you are ever in the unfortunate case where your friends have chosen to go to a restaurant that does not have any vegetarian meals, make sure you eat before you leave. Eating a light meal at home, before you go out will allow you to still enjoy your friends company while staying a vegetarian. You could always order a side of fries or dessert at the restaurant if you feel a little left out.

Cook for your Friends

Mix it up a little. Instead of going out, invite them in. Make them something that they wouldn’t even realize didn’t have meat in it. One of my go to meals for this situation is falafel pitas. They are so simple to make, all you need to do is buy all of the toppings you want in your pitas and the falafel. Vegetarian meals like these are usually great for your friends who like to eat meat. There are even tons of other great recipes on my Pinterest board dedicated to this topic.

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